Discipline And Conduct


  • Attendance at every lecture is compulsory. Irregular attendance will be strictly dealt with. Student, who for unavoidable reasons, wishes to remain absent from the class or desires to leave the hostel campus during night, should obtain permission in advance from the lecturer concerned and the warden / Principal.
  • 80% attendance in the classes in necessary. Students found with less attendance will not be allowed for university exam. No student will be allowed to study or to engage himself in any extra curricular activity simultaneously with B.P.Ed. Course.
  • Family responsibility is hindrance in prosecuting the studies whole heartedly. The student having any such encumbrances should make every arrangement to meet such difficulties without diverting his/her attention fully while here. No please for absence will be entertained.
  • Absence from any activity of the scheduled programme is a gross breach of discipline.
  • No student shall leave the hostel campus, college campus at night.
  • Strict discipline along yogic times will be rigorously enforced. Any indiscipline will render the student liable to loose his/her studentship. It will be obligatory on the part of every student to offer himself, as a subject for any experimental work even on a holiday. Every student should be in his/her room at 9.00 p.m.
  • Students will not entertain guests / parents relatives without permission.
  • Smoking and alcoholic drink are strictly prohibited.
  • Routine of the college should be strictly followed and decent manners adopted.